The building is not only an image in its own right with its structure and sights, but also a space to live in. Its positioning on the plot, internal layout, its visual and physical relationship with the city and the urban population help define an authentic living style. That is why its design pays homage to interactions between the object and the subject, location, capabilities offered by topography, circulation, space, and landscaping against the wider background of Istanbul.

The area between Maslak Ayazağa Avenue and Büyükdere Avenue is a district of high-rise structures and skyscrapers. Rising next to the Eski Büyükdere Avenue, Maslak Link stand out in the crowd with its prismatic glass body. The building's exteriors and interiors produce different effects in every season and every hour of the day, preventing monotony in the structure and space perception. The office building facing both Ayazağa and Eski Büyükdere Avenues leads the way to a perception of access from both Maslak Ayazağa and Büyükdere Avenues.

The elevation difference between the two avenues was utilized with a background created with the help of the topography, allowing a controlled pedestrian connection between the two avenues.

Maslak Link also stands out with the rich experience offered inside the building. The entrance hall rising for three floors at the ground level, voluminous office at the penthouse, the spacious office floors illuminated by daylight seeping through the glass shell provide a comfortable work environment for the users of the building. The positioning of the tower core enables wide and flexible office use.

The sky gardens on each floor, positioned at different spots and levels, serve as elements to enable different layouts at different floors. The vertical park integrated into the building through sky gardens not only enable natural air conditioning, but also bring in the effects, color, and living of green in the interior and exterior perceptions of the building.

Bünyamin Derman / Senior Architect

Levent Özdemir İletişim ve Reklam Hizmetleri