Superior quality, installations and aesthetics, combined with elements of affordability and functional use are at the heart of the project of MASLAK LINK, offering a maximum level of benefits for your operations. For we offer you not only a good office, but also a valuable project to make the utmost contribution to your work. We are fully aware that 'breathing offices produce good outcomes.'

Incorporating comfort and convenience in its details, Maslak Link intends to become the center of achievement with a unique work environment.

The design philosophy of MASLAK LINK is based on the fact that the road to a vital business and performance goes through spacious and bright offices. In this context, free space design becomes the most important asset: a ceiling height of 2.80 m (4 m gross) between the raised flooring and the suspended ceiling, and a state-of-the-art ventilation system provides the perfect office environment at MASLAK LINK.

Designed with all current and future needs and expectations of the users in mind, MASLAK LINK offers flexible office solutions. Delivered to occupants in a state available for decoration, the offices allow expansion within a single floor or across multiple floors, as well as division into smaller units as per the requirements, or arranged in accordance with the corporate identity perspective.

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